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Our history and our vision

“CREDITO DI ROMAGNA S.P.A.” was established in july 2003 as a joint stock bank in Forlì, North-East of Italy, Emilia Romagna, by the initiative of primary local entrepreneurs and professionals. Even if we are a young organisation, particularly in the Italian financial sector, the aim of our management is to make of “CREDITO DI ROMAGNA S.P.A.” a point of reference for local private and corporate customers. This is the main commitment of our top management, and according to this vision, during our initial years of activity all our data have grown very rapidly. At present we hold 12 branches and more than 120 employees, with a core of highly skilled experts.

Despite the economic crisis, “CREDITO DI ROMAGNA S.P.A.” experienced in 2011 and 2012 a significant growth in deposits (increase of over 30% in the past 24 months) as well as in loans to customers (increase of over 16% in the past 24 months). This trend of growth continued also in the following years.

We strongly believe in the development of operations with the rest of the world, which is crucial in a region traditionally open to international trade and just for this reason an international department has been up and running since the establishment of the bank. Thanks to direct access to the swift network – since November 2006 – , we have begun to establish direct relationships with other banks all over the world, without intermediaries.
Our services include collections and payments, documentary credits and letter of credits, international guarantees, advances, exchange rate transactions with spots against forward, specialized advice to companies and private customers.
At present we already hold swift authenticated bilateral keys with about 400 banks established in about 85 different countries.
“CREDITO DI ROMANGA S.P.A.” has already achieved significant results both in terms of number of transactions and in terms of volumes, and further improved its position in the Italian banks ranking, as well as in the Italian regional and provincial ranking.

Domestic branches

At present all the foreign operations of CREDITO DI ROMAGNA SpA are centralized at our Head Office in Forlì (FC), Italy, 47122 Via Ravegnana angolo Traiano Imperatore, so any documentary or collection operation concerning us must be routed to that physical address (see section “contact us”)
Our network of branches (at present 12), however, covers the whole territory of Emilia Romagna region, from Bologna to Rimini, in addition to the new branch opened in Rome at the end of 2015; you can find the the map here.

The network of correspondents

In order to support its customers, CREDITO DI ROMAGNA has developed during the years a wide network of correspondents in almost all countries of the world (about 400 swift active keys), with a continuous process according to the orientation of international trade.

At present we hold foreign accounts, together with partnership agreements, with the following leading banks (see also the section “SSIs”):

AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HUF, JPY, NOK, SEK, USD at Iccrea bank, Rome, bic code ICRAITRR

EUR at Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt, bic code DEUTDEFF

USD at Deutsche Bank Trust the Americas, New York, bic code BKTRUS33
CNY at Bank of China, Milan branch, bic code BKCHITMM


Standard Settlement Instructions for foreign banks (SSIs)

For settlements to Credito di Romagna (bic code CRDRIT2F)

CP=Commercial Payments, FX = Foreign Exchange, MM = Money Markets

Standard Settlement Instructions for foreign bank (SSIs)

For settlements to Credito di Romagna (bic code CRDRIT2F)

CP=Commercial Payments, FX = Foreign Exchange, MM = Money Markets


Terms and conditions for foreign banks

Terms & conditions


KYC / Compliance information

All the documents normally needed to carry out the KYC process about our institution are published in the “Due diligence section” of

However, should you need further information, please contact directly the International Department of the bank (see the following section “Contact us”).


Contact us

If needed, you can contact the International Department of Credito di Romagna as follows:


Bic/swift code: CRDRIT2F

Physical address:

CREDITO DI ROMAGNA spa, International Department

Via Ravegnana angolo via Traiano Imperatore

47122 Forlì (FC), Italy

Phone number: +39 0543 811153

Fax number: +39 0543 1760100


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